Notes on the aerial images

These images were obtained from the National Geographic Institute of Perú (IGN) by pairs to be able to develop the 3-D model visualizable with special anaglyph eyeglasses. The version that we publish here is with format JPG for reasons of file-size. We have cleaner and higher resolution 3-D versions in TIFF format that we will soon include in compact disks (CD-ROM) on the landscapes of the Vilcabamba, for those interested. If you wish to acquire one of these disks please write us.

Most of the images that we have in this section are located in the Otishi National Park, in the neighborhood of the great natural bridge Pavirontsi. Given the spectacular landscapes that this zone has we think that shelters for tourists in some of the beautiful plateaus can be established.  These have extensive areas deprived of vegetation, at altitudes that fluctuate between the 2400 and 2700 meters above sea level. The only access to these areas, for making terrestrial expeditions would be by means of helicopters. The problem to solve in this case is to make sure that the terrains for the landing of helicopters, for the possible shelters and for the routes for the tourists' long walks, have the suitable drainage because rains in the zone are abundant and they can cause the formation of inconvenient swamps, especially in the rainy season.